Talk about timing.  After two decades in medium sized law firm practice, during which he earned a reputation as one of the most prominent land-use lawyers in the Central Valley, Tom Terpstra decided to start his own law firm in April 2007, which just so happened to coincide with the collapse of the real estate market.  Despite that, the firm has thrived, largely because of Tom’s acknowledged expertise and practical problem solving skills in several diverse practice areas.  Tom, who serves as City Attorney for the City of Ripon, also represents numerous and varied private sector clients.  His diverse practice gives him (and his clients) valuable insights into the mindset of both sides, enabling him to craft effective, real-world solutions.  Perhaps more importantly, Tom has surrounded himself with top-notch professionals.

In 2012, Stacy Henderson joined the firm as a partner.  Stacy has been practicing law since 2002.  She specializes in advising businesses on a full range of employment law issues, as well as civil litigation, corporate law and municipal law.

In 2014, the firm changed its name to Terpstra Henderson to more accurately reflect who and what we are; a true partnership of dedicated lawyers working together to help our clients strategize, develop and implement practical solutions to their legal problems.  The collaboration of these attorneys has taken the firm to an entirely new level of expertise and problem-solving capability.

Terpstra Henderson is ideally sized and staffed to serve the needs of its wide variety of clients, including the agricultural and mining industries, the building industry, businesses, and public agencies.

We invite you to learn more about us on our website, and would welcome the opportunity to add you to our growing list of clients.


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“We value the services provided by Stacy Henderson and rely on her to advise us not only about our legal rights, but also our legal responsibilities. She possesses not only general knowledge of the law but additionally has developed specialized expertise in our niche industry.  We appreciate her competent representation and ability to advocate on behalf of the consumers our agency serves.”  (Debra Roth, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Valley Mountain Regional Center – Stockton, California)
“Tom is one of the most practical, and yet most gifted attorneys I have ever worked with.  He uses his vast experience in private practice to help our City effectively promote the public interest while balancing the needs of the private sector.” (Leon Compton, City Manager of the City of Ripon – Ripon, California)
“Tom possesses a wealth of experience on both sides of the public-private divide.  This makes him uniquely capable of bridging what often seem like irreconcilable gaps.  He is an expert problem-solver who recognizes the objectives and constraints of the various stakeholders and uses this understanding to find common ground that all sides can support.” (Terry Nash, Vice President of Strategic Projects, CenterPoint Properties Trust – Oak Brook, Illinois)
“Tom’s multi-faceted experiences in representing builders, developers, landowners and municipalities has been invaluable to our company.  It has been incredibly helpful to have an attorney who understands how all sides of any deal have to work to have successful results.  Moreover, Tom is a creative problem solver and an effective advocate who knows how to focus on resolving the key deal points in an efficient way.” (George K. Gibson, Sr. V.P./General Counsel, FCB Homes – Stockton, California)